Arm and Leg Pain in Conroe TX

chiropractor near you may be able to help arm and leg pain

Do you have arm or leg discomfort in Conroe TX? The body's extremities are undoubtedly important for a person's movement, with the shoulder and hip areas of the body bearing the majority of the burden. Due to the fact that these joints are required for a substantial portion of our movement, there is an increased risk of injury and pain. Patients who come to our clinic frequently are unable to identify the cause of their discomfort. There are an large number of potential reasons for discomfort in the arms and legs. Arm and leg pain can result from anything, including overexertion at the gym, misalignment of a joint, or even simply sleeping in an uncomfortable posture.

Arm and Leg Pain Options in Conroe TX

Most occurrences of arm and leg pain happen gradually, so those who experience it are usually unaware of what might have caused it. Many turn to pharmecutical drugs that are available when the suffering is too great to bear.

It has also been established that "referred pain" can cause arm and leg pain. This type of pain is often used to describe the discomfort people experience before a cardiac arrest. An inflamed gallbladder that generates pain under the shoulder blade is another example of referred pain.

Our team at Thrive Massage frequently treats patients who experience arm and leg pain that begins with spine related nerve irritation. Sciatica is the most typical instance of this kind of discomfort. Contact a chiropractic team with expertise in treating these conditions due to the delicate structure of the vertebrae in the spinal column.

What is the Source of My Discomfort?

The team at Thrive Massage utilizes a multifaceted approach to pinpoint the precise source of your pain. To identify the cause of your suffering, our clinic typically uses a combination of a physical examination, imaging, and medical history review. We will work to identify your pain, the factors contributing to it, the type of pain, and identify your symptoms which enables us to offer the most effective treatment.

How Can Chiropractic Help?

In order to effectively treat your arm and leg pain with chiropractic care, we must determine what is causing your symptoms. At Thrive Massage, we've found that the majority of arm and leg discomfort is caused by misaligned cervical and lumbar vertebrae. It is easy to understand why this happens; when discs or bones are misaligned and flexibility is decreased, the nerves can become irritated and can cause irritation throughout the body.

The majority of patients are unaware that the nerves in their spine can extend all the way down their spine and into their hands and feet. Hence, injuries to the backbone's vertebrae might cause us to feel pain in our extremities. Patients who come to us have experienced tremendous relief thanks to chiropractic care via our cutting-edge treatment techniques.

Call Thrive Massage in Conroe TX to begin experiencing relief if you are suffering from arm or leg pain.


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