Disc Injury in Conroe TX

disc injury can be helped by a chiropractor

Have you received a disc injury or slipped disc diagnosis in Conroe TX? The circumstances around how disc damage occurs can have a significant impact on how severe it is. An expert chiropractor is required to treat this injury because of its complexity and severity. Our Conroe TX chiropractic team has the training necessary to help you.

Spinal discs are small cushions that separate your vertebrae and give them the greatest possible space to function. These tiny discs cushion your spinal column by having a more spongy center and a hard coating around its circumference. Your vertebrae are separated by discs, which are crucial for preserving your flexibility and nerve function. The movement would not be possible without these discs.

Herniated Disc in Conroe TX

The cushiony material inside your disc partially spills out from between the vertebrae if you have a herniated disc in your back. Inflammation of the nearby nerves and excruciating pain are frequent effects of this illness.

Herniation of the disc is a more dangerous issue. The internal disc fluid is pushed out even more as a result of a herniated disc. This causes the surrounding nerves to temporarily become paralyzed and cause much more pain.

Disc Extrusion

A disc extrusion is the most severe form of disc damage. In this circumstance, the disc's internal fluid either totally bursts through the disc's bottom or pops out almost entirely. This frequently causes intense pain and a considerable loss of flexibility.

Trust Thrive Massage in Conroe TX to get you back on the path to feeling pain-free as you recover from your disc damage. Please get in touch with us right away if you have any questions.


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