Vertigo in Conroe TX

chiropractic care helps patients with vertigo

Do you experience vertigo or dizziness in Conroe TX? It might be challenging to get treatment for this complex ailment with traditional medical care. It is surprising that there are few options for the treatment of vertigo (dizziness) and even less resources available for its therapy to relieve it. We are dedicated to giving you that information at our Conroe TX chiropractic clinic.

Most people who report having vertigo typically have one of two different occurrences. One thing people report when they are feeling faint is they get dizzy, and another symptom is they feel like the room is spinning around them. The latter is referred to as vertigo. As each condition calls for a distinct kind of therapy, it is crucial to distinguish between the two sorts of phenomena.

Your chiropractor at Thrive Massage has the skills necessary to identify the condition you are experiencing and to treat you effectively.

Vertigo Options in Conroe TX

Although there are some more common causes of vertigo, patients who come to our office can have a variety of diverse causes as well. Some of the symptoms of vertigo in the individuals we treat include the following:

  • Persistent headaches and migraines
  • Chronic ear infections or ear trauma
  • Poor cerebral blood circulation
  • Auto Injuries
  • Misalignments throughout the spine

Although the causes of vertigo listed above might seem unrelated, they all share a common element. Every afflicted area in each of these situations plays a crucial role in maintaining the body's overall balance. The muscles throughout the body must work harder to make up for an out-of-balance state. Despite the body's resilience, imbalances eventually start to have a negative impact on health. The body's imbalances have started to prevent the neurological system from correctly connecting with the brain to achieve equilibrium in the case of vertigo. You can get rid of vertigo and restore the appropriate operation of your nervous system by having your spine realigned with a chiropractor's assistance.

Vertigo Signs and Symptoms

Since there are numerous causes for having vertigo, there are also a variety of symptoms that go along with it. The severity of vertigo can range from merely annoying to extremely incapacitating. As a result, in order to prevent your illness from getting worse, it is crucial that you see a chiropractor as soon as you experience any of the symptoms listed below. They consist of:

  • Impaired Vision
  • Impaired Hearing
  • Tingling In Ears
  • Poor Balance
  • Constant Fatigue

Vertigo relief has been quite successful for people at our Conroe TX chiropractic clinic. We can identify the root cause of your vertigo and offer an effective treatment plan thanks to our thorough approach that considers your medical history and a detailed assessment.

Reach out to Thrive Massage today to begin your journey toward recovery from vertigo. Please contact our team with any questions you may have.


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