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Do you have shoulder pain in Conroe TX? The shoulder joint contains one of the body's sockets with the greatest range of mobility, making it susceptible to a variety of conditions. Although there are several potential causes of shoulder discomfort, a sizable percentage of shoulder injuries are brought on by problems with the neck and upper back, wear and tear on the shoulder joint, strenuous activity, and motor accidents. The symptoms of shoulder pain might range from minor to debilitating due to the numerous ways in which it can occur. Since people use their shoulders for daily activities, it is critical to treat shoulder injuries as soon as they happen. To keep the pain from getting worse, even minor shoulder issues should be treated by a skilled chiropractor in Conroe TX.

Shoulder Pain Options in Conroe TX

Some shoulder injury symptoms are typically more obvious than others. This calls for careful monitoring of all shoulder-related problems. Some signs of alarm include shoulder pain that lasts for over a week, sporadic bouts of pain, difficulty lifting objects higher than shoulder level, and pain at the shoulder joint that gets worse at night. Obvious signs of joint damage, such as inflammation or discoloration from bruising, and strange noises or clicks during movement of the shoulder joint are all symptoms that call for a shoulder exam.

The optimal treatment for shoulder pain relief mostly depends on the underlying cause of the problem. Because of this, getting a detailed evaluation and understanding of your unique condition is essential for a proper diagnosis and effective treatment plan. Our staff will create a thorough treatment plan using clinical knowledge to offer you long-lasting relief if we feel we can help.

Therapies for Shoulder Pain

The body's upper spine as well as the neck region are the primary support structures for the shoulder joint. A domino effect happens when the routes between the nerves and supporting muscles are blocked by spinal misalignments. The shoulder is forced to carry a heavier load without adequate support as a result. The body can occasionally endure overuse, but eventually, its limitations are reached and injuries happen.

In order to properly treat your shoulder pain, our chiropractic clinic offers a range of options that complement chiropractic care. Contact Thrive Massage in Conroe TX right now with any inquiries about solutions for shoulder discomfort.


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